Create your own custom jig, lure or sinkers to your design using the latest high tech design and manufacturing software and CNC machinery.

We machine Do-it Blank Molds.  We also design and manufacture custom lead molds to your specifications for larger applications.  We are a one stop shop for all your lure making requirements.

No detail or feature is too fine, small, large or complicated to produce with our advanced equipment.  We are capable of delivering exactly what our clients expect quickly and efficiently.

Send me your Do-it Blank Mold  plus any photos, hand sketches, design, model or part file.

We have the ability to scan existing lures, models or hand made prototypes.

Send me your existing Do-it Mold, Hilts Mold or custom inserts for shape and form modifications, hook changes and fitting.

I am a reputable Manufacturing Engineer and Mold Maker with over 21 years experience.

I own a Design and Manufacturing company which specializes in Injection Molds.  Making custom lead molds for fisherman is something I learned how to do along the way.  

About two years ago I started receiving requests locally to design and machine lure, jig and sinker molds.  People would bring me their blank Do-it Molds with sample lures, jigs or hand made models.  I would design their lures on the computer then present it to the customer. Sometimes there would be adjustments or changes.  Once we were both happy with the design it would then be machined in the blank mold.

Do-it Corporation 501 North State Street Denver, Iowa 50622, the blank mold manufacturer, does not offer any custom work.  I thought it would be a good idea to offer a service to the public that is both affordable and efficient.   

For me, it is a very rewarding experience to turn someone's ideas into a reality. 

Pour it Mold & Design                              Custom Fishing Tackle by Design
Custom Lead Molds and Lures                                                     Make your own Jigs Lures and Sinkers

Design and Manufacturing Services Specializing in                            

Custom Fishing Tackle by Design
Send me a Do-it Blank Mold and a Design, Model or Sketch.  See the Do-it Blank Molds page for purchasing details.

Using sophisticated Cad Cam software and CNC Machines,  I can design and manufacture a quality mold to your specifications

Sophisticated Cad Cam software and CNC Machines
Surface Modeling by John D. Domici.  Will be available in Spinner and Jig configurations.

Jig Hook Surface Modeling
Jig Hook Surface Modeling, Mold  Design
Jig Hook Surface Ready to Pour
Blank Mold
Pour it Mold & Design is Located on 1455 Dominic Street  Manville, NJ 08835

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