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Pricing & Terms:
Please contact John D. Domici by phone or email to discuss pricing.

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Base Rate:

Base costs for Custom Molds utilizing the Do-it Blank Molds are: $230.00 for the Small Frame Blank Mold and $345.00 for the Large Frame Blank Mold.  This cost will include: A Mold Design based on a CAD model that you will supply me and Machining the Blank Mold  on a High Speed High Precision Vertical Machining Center.

You must be able to send me a Machinable CAD Model in order to receive the aforementioned pricing otherwise a Metrology and Product Design fee may be applied.

Metrology, Product Design, Hardware and Shipping are all extra costs.  Metrology and Product Design will be estimated at a rate of $35.00 per hour then added to the base cost.

Additional Cost Examples:

Having to modify your existing design or CAD model. Sharp or uncuttable by rotary tool features in your design that will require EDM or Electrical Discharge Machining.  A mold that requires additional components such as inserts to create special features such as "undercuts" in your part design that would not be moldable with a simple two plate mold design.  Product Design  Modeling and CAD Services related to product development are extra.

Product Design, Development and Modeling Rates:

Typical price range is $300.00-$1500.00  I can create a 3-D CAD Model for you from pictures and hand made models. This type of work is time consuming and difficult thus costly. 

Please send me a simple NDA if you do not want your project to be displayed on the site and to remain confidential.

Any design work that I perform that is not paid for may be claimed and reproduced at my discretion.

I can accept payment via PayPal, Check or Cash.  I will offer PayPal users a discount in order to offset the transaction fee. 

After we agree upon a price I will design the mold and send you a proof.  I will need a 50% down payment and a written approval before I start machining.

I will then manufacture the mold and send photos of the finished product.

The mold will be sent to you after payment has been received in full plus shipping costs

Custom Fishing Tackle by Design